Our Company

Resisterma - Componentes Eléctricos, Lda. is a company founded in 1988 and it is specialized in the production of Electric Heating Cartridges.

Since its foundation, it has pursued a policy of extremely high quality, both in the choice of components and production.

Deep knowledge of manufacturing technology, strict final and process tests makes our cartridges a high quality and reliability product. This enabled us to be, at the moment, the leading company in Portugal and Brasil* in this field of production.

* - A sister company, Resisterma - Industria e Comércio Lda., was created in 1991 in São Paulo.

A broad range of diameters together with a wide variety of lengths, voltages and wattages allows us to suggest the right heater for every use. This reflects a diligent policy oriented towards satisfying the client's greatest needs.

Resisterma can provide you with heating units manufactured to your specifications and quantities to accommodate any heating problem. We do not hold a large stock as our delivery time normally (and according to quantities and specifications) is around 1 week.